About All Seasons

For 35 years, All Seasons Cooling & Heating has lived up to our name, providing our own four consistent pillars of strength throughout the four seasons: Professionalism, Quality, Integrity and Reliability. These core values ensure our residential and commercial clients are happy with our cooling, heating and refrigeration quality guarantee. We are a seasoned, family owned and run business and take great pride in our longstanding customer satisfaction and quality service.

    Our History

    All Seasons is the culmination of one man's hard work and determination over the course of nearly four decades. Owner, Boyd Pope, had his mind set on harvesting crops, but soon found himself planting the seeds of his business. Nearly four decades later, All Seasons now is deeply rooted with professionalism, quality, integrity and reliability. This is how one man grew his once budding company into fruition.

  • Farm Life

    Pope grew up on a farm, later attending Emporia State University and planned on going back home to farm upon graduation…but fate had other things in store for him. Not only was farming down after his graduation in the late 70’s, Boyd also met his wife, Tarah, who quickly changed his plans.

  • Tarah was a "city girl"

    His wife was a “city girl” and wanted to be back in Wichita, so Boyd found a job working at KG&E, where he did electrical work. He began expanding his work, learning to repair air conditioners and chillers in the building.

  • Boyd's Sparked Fascination

    An air conditioner in his car went out and sparked Boyd to become fascinated with understanding cooling on a smaller and larger scale.

  • Master's Degree

    Boyd’s boss offered a raise if he received his journeyman’s license. He had a growing family with his wife, Tarah, and worked to gain his Master’s as he still worked to support his wife and children.

  • A Growing Customer Base

    Pope borrowed money to purchase his first tool set and gained his own customer base throughout the years, working on his own in his post-graduation years.

  • All Seasons Established

    All Seasons was established in Rose Hill, Kansas, in 1983 by Boyd and Tarah Pope to provide local commercial and residential cooling and heating services for a growing clientele.

  • Pizza Hut

    Boyd built his company’s client base commercially, taking on his first Pizza Hut project in the early 1990s.

  • Father and Son

    Brandon Pope, Boyd’s son, began riding along with his father since the age of 6, taking an interest in following his father’s footsteps.

  • Brandon Graduates

    Brandon graduated from Washburn and worked in Topeka while his wife attended school. Here, he also learned the refrigeration trade (specifically boilers and chillers).

  • Joining The Family Business

    Brandon joined his father in the family business, adding refrigeration to the services provided by All Seasons.

  • All Seasons Today

    All Seasons has now grown into a local, reputable heating and cooling company with a strong residential and commercial client base.

Our Staff

Picture of Boyd Pope - Owner of All Seasons

Boyd Pope


Picture of Brandon Pope - Owner and Service Manager of All Seasons

Brandon Pope

Owner / Service Manager

Picture of Brook Hughes - Office Manager

Brooke Hughes

Office Manager

Picture of Brad Moyer - Journeyman Technician

Brad Moyer

Journeyman Technician

Picture of Jared Upshaw - Journeyman Technician

Jared Upshaw

Journeyman Technician

Picture of Austin Brewer - Journeyman Technician

Austin Brewer

Journeyman Technician

Picture of Bre Thompson - Accounting Clerk

Breanna Thompson

Accounting Clerk

Larry Pham

Journeyman Technician

Picture of Broc Heiskell - Journeyman Technician

Broc Heiskell

Journeyman Technician

Picture of Julio Rosales - Hot Side Technician

Julio Rosales

Lead Hot Side Technician

Picture of Ashley Hedrick - Dispatcher

Ashley Hedrick


Picture of Steve Shores - Warehouse Director

Steve Shores

Warehouse Director

Picture of Lindsey Vaughn - Sales Manager

Lyndsey Vaughn

Sales Manager

Picture of Jaydin Brewer - Apprentice Technician

Jaydin Brewer

Apprentice Technician

Picture of Korbin Brewer - Apprentice Technician

Korbin Brewer

Apprentice Technician

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